Kathleen A. Brenckle

Send me an Email or check out my website:  brencklecounseling.com.  Call today to schedule a first appointment 724-935-6922.


Convenient day and evening appointments are available to meet your schedule.  I accept Highmark Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and UPMC insurance only. I do not take Medicare.  If you have out of network coverage, I will be happy to give you a receipt that you can turn into your insurance company for reimbursement.  It is your responsibility to verify the specifics of your insurance. Be sure you have met your deductible and be prepared to pay your co-pay at the time of service. I also accept fee for service. My regular fee is $110 per 55 minute session.  Payment is expected at time of service.  I accept checks or cash.


Specializing in

  –  Sexual Addiction

  –  Helping spouses of Sexual Addicts

  –  Trauma Resolution Therapy

  –  Promoting Healthy Relationships

  –  Individual, Couples & Group Therapy

  –  Marriage Enhancement

  –  Emotional Abuse

  –  Divorce Recovery

  –  Codependency Issues


My Qualifications:


  –  I am a Certified Sex Therapist (CST).  I received my training from Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, Georgia. I have specialized training in Sexual Addiction and working with spouses of sex addicts.


  –  I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) receiving my certification from the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP).


  –  I hold a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing direct therapy to Individuals, Couples, and Groups.


I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Carlow University graduating Magna Cum Laude.


I have extensive training in several protocols including Person Centered-Solution Focused; Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Trauma Resolution Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) used in treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); and Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS) an advanced trauma protocol.


My Philosophy…

My passion is to motivate and encourage you to realize your full potential and achieve your dreams. It is never too late to look at areas of your life that are creating significant stress and make a change; or take a troubled relationship and turn it into a healthy, loving marriage. Having worked in divorce recovery for over 20 years, I understand the intense anguish one encounters when separating or divorcing. I will help you process the “how” and “why” of your marriage deterioration.


Pornography and out of control sexual behavior are becoming more and more of a destructive force in today’s relationships.  The easy access to pornography through the internet has left few untouched by the far reaches of addictive behavior. I am trained specifically to work with those who struggle with sexual addiction.  I will work with you to help you regain your moral integrity so you can be the person you can be proud of again.  I can address the concerns of the spouses of sexual addicts helping them heal from the uncertainty of whether to stay or go.

You will be challenged to refocus your thoughts in order to develop positive life goals and find God’s purpose for your life.


Sometimes family of origin issues have caused great emotional pain and need to be resolved before one can move on. Through the use of the trauma resolution protocol, I will help you identify losses, examine the contradictions to your values and beliefs and realize how your coping skills are causing more loss. I believe we are multidimensional people with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs that must be in balance for a healthy and peaceful existence. Helping you restore that balance is the greatest joy of my work.


It would be a privilege to lead you forward on your personal journey and to walk beside you through life’s transitions. Realizing and experiencing what God has in store for you will be the most exciting adventure of your life.


What You Can Expect:

CONFIDENTIAL, safe, accepting environment.


I counsel from a Christian perspective but I whole heartedly honor a secular approach.


Initial evaluation to identify concerns and develop a treatment plan.


Homework assignments, such as:
Journaling, reviewing handouts, reading a book, practicing new skills, challenging your negative thoughts, increased mindfulness.


Successful treatment requires your best effort to make the changes necessary for you to be healthy. The effort you invest in therapy is directly proportional to what you will gain from therapy. Together we will meet your goals.


Groups, Workshops, Seminars, Presentation Topics:

I am an educational and motivational speaker as well as a group therapy specialist. I would be happy to come to your group to present on any of the following topics:

  –  Sexual Addiction / Pornography Addiction

  –  Divorce Recovery “The Slippery Slope”

  –  Restoring Marital Intimacy after Sexual Addiction


I conduct  therapy groups for spouses of sexual addicts, emotional abuse, and male sex addicts.


Life itself is a challenge and no one should travel on this journey alone. Now is the time to get help and get your life back on track! Effective treatments do help! Call today for information or an appointment.


Please contact Kathleen today. Call 724-935-6922.