Janice Spadola Giel

Janice Spadola Giel

Masters Counseling Psychology

Guidance Counselor K-12 Certification
English/Elementary/SP.Ed/ Degrees/Certifications
Phone: 412-629-0067


Hi! My name is Janice. My work is always a team effort. You and I constitute the team. Like Artists, we formulate the best therapeutic plan for your situation. Would you benefit from a calm, nurturing, therapeutic hour that is all about you?  Are you feeling unfulfilled, like, perhaps; there is something more for you in this life? Do you get anxious, angry, overwhelmed, or sad? Perhaps you are just not completely satisfied with life’s trajectory; wanting to formulate some new goals for yourself??


Are your relationships lacking, strained or unfulfilling? Is the workplace giving you a hassle? Do you sometimes feel your situation is becoming hopeless? Are you interested in incorporating more harmony into your life? We all benefit from individualized counseling.


God has given me a heart for man’s woes. I know He sends people my way. I know there are no hopeless cases. With over three decades of counseling psychology experience, I know that, together we will formulate a successful therapeutic plan.


All of my counseling is individually tailored to your needs. Thank you for looking at my link.