Donna Summers Moul

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I am a Nationally Certified Counselor with over twenty years experience helping women rediscover themselves and new options in their lives. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Education. I have completed the Mars & Venus Training under the guidance of John Gray, PhD, and I am an authorized Louise Hay Trainer. Plus, I write a monthly “Enhance Your Life” column for Northern Connection Magazine. I am intuitive and nonjudgmental. My clients describe me as creative, caring, insightful, and compassionate.
I provide education, guidance and support for women from ages 20 to 120 through empowering Women’s Support Groups and dynamic workshops.
My passion is to help women grow and blossom into the unique and healthy individuals they were created to be.
I believe that we all need help sometime. If you are open to new information and motivated to change, contact me now to begin your journey towards living your best life.
I am a cash practice.  If you need to use insurance, check this website for other Therapists who take your particular type of insurance.
Join me for a life changing, 10-week Women’s Support Group.
Topics include:
How to Increase Your Self-esteem & Confidence
How to Own & Recognize Your Strengths
How to Stop the Internal Critic
How to say *NO* Without Guilt
How to have Healthy Boundaries
How to have Healthy Relationships
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